About us


Picbox was founded by Deepak Gupta, a visionary who aims to improve the quality of life of the people around him through new innovative ideas. Him being a successful businessman and having the experience of running various kinds of businesses always felt the need of a better platform where people can save and share their memories in a more efficient and elegant way. This led to the creation of Picbox which hopes to improve the current standards of saving and sharing images.


Photographs for us is a piece of art with a memory behind it. Our main goal is to elevate these pieces of art into something more beautiful and elegant. We wish to provide people various tools that will simplify their photo delivery, amplify the visual experience. We believe that these tools can be used by a professional photographer to increase their efficiency and maximize their business potential.

New innovations acts as a challenge first but with proper understanding and usage they become catalysts for businesses. We provide smart algorithms, we connect the dots between galleries and store, provide automated marketing platform for photographer’s business.

We believing in the digital era and the importance of storing images digitally but that doesn’t mean we will forget the feeling of holding an album of picture physically and the joy that comes along with it. We are currently working on a way to provide our customers pictures in a beautiful album like format too. We are here to improve the current standards of showcasing images and uplift our fellow photographers to new heights.

Community & Engagement

Picbox’s is an India based Information Technology Company but we wish to create an international community that includes people of all colors, cultures, and genders.

We love to hear the voices of our community and take constructive criticism and feedback from our customers so that we can improve as a company and keep on bringing new innovations to the world.

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart, happy times come and go, but the memories stay forever. And we at Picbox make sure that these memories are showcased in a beautiful manner.